Miley’s Just Being Miley!

I have something to say about Miley Ray Cyrus

I admire how she doesn’t give a damn about anything, and she should be very proud of her accomplishments. I became a fan of her since the first episode of Hannah Montana. She has grown up, just like you and I do too. And I’m okay with her decisons so far in her life. Haters all call her rude and hurtfull names that is very unnecessary.

Miley is human just like you and I. She makes mistakes, like you and I. I don’t know about you but I admire that Miley isn’t drinking and doing drugs…. She is simply just being a teenager and living her life. I love her, and I think she has a fantastic life ahead of her. We love you Miley Ray Cyrus.

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Miley Backstage @ ‘Dancing With The Stars’ 2010

Miley Cyrus backstage about to preform on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ 2010. Miley prefomed her hit song ‘Can’t Be Tamed!’ Thanks @MSourceNet

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So, Miley & Liam Split, But was it the first time?

As you know, Miley and Liam have sang their last song, but have they sang their last song before? Many of our sources have confirmed that Miley Cyrus (17) and Liam Hemsworth (20) have broken before and got back together without the media knowing! So, it is now confirmed Miley is a “Single Lady!”

Many other sources say Liam Hemsworth DID cheat with a girl named Katy, 26 and took her back to his hotel.

Picture: This picture of Miley and her LOL co-star Adam Sevani taken earlier this month by a paparazzi.

I really hope Miley is okay, I really hate seeing her down and hurt! We love you Miley Ray!

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Miley Cyrus “Devestated” Over Liam Split?

Occording To Star:

Miley is devestated. She really thought Liam was “The One”. Although she did put her career ahead of theyre relationship, she made it clear to Liam he wouldn’t always come second.

Liam was spotted getting cozy with another girl, blond named Katy, 26 at Shore Break Hotel in LA while Miley was filming LOL. On August 7: She and her girlfriends approched him at the bar. Girls were fawning all over him and he clearly loved the attention, but he really took a liking to her. They were drinking beers and having a great time. (Liam is 20 years old)

According to a source: He suggested that they’ll all go back to the Doubletree where he was staying, to keep the “party” going. Miley’s name was never brought up. He didn’t even mention her. Liam even exchanged numbers with Katy and “promised” to call her. They has a strong conection…

Thanks @OceanUp for the story! Do you guys think this story is true? Be sure to comment!


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Exclusive: Miley Cyrus Just Born (Nov.23.1992) With Mommy Tish & Billy Ray

Very rare and adorable  picture of the Miley’s parents Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus! Thanks @MileyLiamClub.

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Liam Hemsworth’s Rep Confirms The Split

Miley Cyrus and her Last Song beau Liam Hemsworth have parted ways, according to Gossip Cop. A source told Gossip Cop that they two called things off pretty recently and that Liam is complety single at the moment.

 The duo has been dating since the end of filming The Last Song in June 2009 in Georgia. Miley is currently filming LOL in Michiagn with Demi Moore, Ashlee Greene, and Taz Watson which will come out in theaters in Spring 2011.  UPDATE: Liam Hemsworth’s rep has confirmed that Liam is currently on the market. Thanks @JustJared.

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Rare Miley Picture With Young Fans On WWT

Miley Cyrus making “peace” with 3 younger fans & hanging out with her back-up dancers backstage at the “Wonder World Tour 2009”. Miley is currently still in Michiagn with mommy Tish, Billy Ray, Noah, Braison, and of course- Mate!


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