Demi Lovato To Make A Duet With Miley & Bieber?

Good news for Demi and Miley fans! The teen queens are set to colloborate together to a duet on Demi’s new album along with another teen star Justin Bieber! Earlier this week, Miley flew in to NYC to sing with Bieber at his concert in NYC. I think they did an amazing job together singing “Overboard” and with Demi Lovato, it would be even better! With Demi, Miley and Bieber, I think the song is going to be a hit!

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Miley fans! Our site has offically changed our name from “MileyManiaClub” to TheMileyNewsNow! We also have a new twitter!

Be sure to follow us on twitter and visit our site daily to get the latest Miley Cyrus gossip!

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Miley Cyrus In Paris Today Sporting New Heart Tattoo!

New candid of Smiley Miley in Paris, France today (September 4th) Miley recently got a tattoo on her right pinky finger! If you look closley, you can see a heart on her pinky finger! What do you think of Miley’s new tattoo?

LOL Update: Miley and the cast will be finished filming sometime in the end of September or early October!

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Miley Out And About in NYC (August 31)


Miley Cyrus out & about in NYC today. Yesterday, Miley was spotted supporting Justin Bieber @ his NYC concert yesterday. Sources say that Miley will be having a SECRET concert tonight! (Updates will be posted!) Lovin’ Miley’s hair in the candids!


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Miley & Mommy Tish At JFK Airport in NYC Today (August 30th)

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Miley To Do Wings Starring Miley & Lucas Till?

A few months ago, there have been several rumors that Miley will be in a movie called “Wings” for Disney. However, it is confirmed that Miley has signed on to star in “Wings” with Lucas Till too.

Wings in based on the book “Wings” by Aprilynne Pike. It is a fantasy/adventure movie… sounds different from Can’t Be Tamed doesn’t it? (It is unconfirmed when they will be filming.)

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‘LOL’ Cast Moves To The Windy City!

Miley’s new film “LOL” staring Demi Morre, Ashley Greene, Douglas Booth and many other co stars have just moved to Chicago today for LOL. (There is nothing confirmed yet where they will be staying.) Miley fans in Chicago are in luck because our sources confirmed Miley and the cast will in sevreal locations in Chicago! UPDATE: Miley will be done filming “LOL” in October, until then lets hope Miley and Liam work things out and will hopefully be Miam again!

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